“In my teaching I emphasize that Enlightenment is found in the body. This draws on Dzogchen, where you are told that when you put your awareness in the body in the right way, you encounter your awakened state. I also point out that through meditation we realize that awareness is not located in the head, it is in the whole body.” Reginald Ray, Tibetan Scholar and Meditation Teacher 

The beauty about reaching the state of meditation and achieving enlightenment is that it is more simple than it appears. As Reginald Ray points out in the quotation above, enlightenment is found within, not from without. So if enlightenment is within us, that also means that we have our OWN internal source of light. The challenge we are presented with is how do we ‘stoke’ our inner fire? How do we cultivate our inner light to become the radiant, blissful being that is our birthright? This is the meaning of enlightenment. It’s not about what you know intellectually. It is truly all about our Light and shining as brightly as we can to achieve resilience, peace, harmony and longevity.

We at the Nature Center for Meditation work at fueling our inner light by using a guided meditation technique that fuels the 3 suns found in the body. The first sun is located within the head, in the center where the pineal is located. The second sun is within the heart. Our third sun is found in the abdominal region right below the belly button. An enormous amount of light can be stored here. The Chinese practitioners call it the ‘Dantian’.

With consistent practice, we can develop what Tibetan practitioners call a “Rainbow Body”, a temple filled with light and resistant to the illusions presented to us by our waking reality.