Eroticism has been defined as an exciting and passionate sexual experience. But it’s much more than that. It’s not an act. It’s a journey. It’s not just a place that you journey to inside yourself with a partner; it’s also a place that you can visit alone. What sparks this journey is your own creativity. Like creativity, eroticism begins first in the mind. Through the development of the imagination, your boundaries become widened, creativity increases and new realities are made. Building an ‘erotic intelligence’ not only bolsters our imagination, but creates harmony between the physical and the spiritual selves. Eroticism, and developing an erotic intelligence, is not solely about “having sex” with another or masturbating one’s self: it is the mother of sexual expression and transcends the flesh.

Eroticism is intimacy. It is a personal, private knowing of the Self, a true awareness of who and what we are. Eroticism is the acceptance and loving exploration of our own mind and body. Before we can truly express and experience the erotic with another, we must know it for ourselves. Eroticism is the willingness to let go and surrender to the instructions from our soul.