• Address residual impact of past and ongoing trauma

  • Understand how past trauma of ancestors influences the present

  • Use this understanding to release our fears

  • Eliminate self-destructive attitudes, beliefs and behaviors

  • Build on our strengths to heal


  • Meditation

  1. Zazen
  2. Vipassana (Understanding how the processes of the mind work, ground yourself in your body)
  3. Loving-kindness (Love yourself and others, forgive yourself and others) & Mantra (For insomnia, nightmares, anger)
  4. 3rd Eye 
  5. Chakra
  6. Trataka
  7. Nada
  8. Heart
  9. Microcosmic Orbit (Qigong)
  10. Inner Sun (Kriya)
  11. Pranayama
  • Kirtan

  • Good Food

  • Reflection


  • Self-love/Compassion

  • Healthy, Clear Mind

  • Renewal of Purpose

  • Re-establishing of Center (your place in the world, belonging)

  • Face Fears (of death)

  • Strip Away Illusion (of separation)

  • Prepare for Liberation (life after life)