“I was hooked when C. Marie opens up the book with Digging To The Core! To hear part of the origin of her trauma which I could relate too was a good sign that the energy and experiences used to write this book would be something I could rock with. I’ve used the intro alone to reevaluate and dig deeper into some of my early childhood traumas. Everything in this book is explained to a T. One thing that I really took away from it is looking at trauma as a GIFT, and not a curse!!! One last thing I took away from this book is that you don’t need validation about what you experienced as trauma, nor do you need validation for what will heal you and help you move forward. You are the author of your life and If you’re looking to take your control of your emotions and life I encourage whoever’s reading this to GET this book and apply what you gravitate towards out of it.”

– Zimbalist V. Griffin

“This is a helpful book on how to breath and move awareness throughout the body. This book also encourages other techniques to promote vitality and integration of mind, body, and spirit. There is healing and power in breathwork.”

– Kenya Dione

“Peace and blessings sister! I’m enjoying your pranayama book and the breathing techniques. It has taken my meditations to another level. Thanks again”

– Lionel Martin

“I attended the Word|Sound|Power workshop at a time in my life when i was stuck in a dead end job… Stuck suffering from ENS (Empty Nest Syndrome) look it up…its a real thing…
Stuck in Depression…
Stuck smoking half a pack a day… Stuck with health challenges…
Im so glad I attended… I truly feel Word|Sound|Power… Helped me to begin unsticking myself…
I have a new career… My health is changing for the better… No more cigarettes… No more depression meds💜
Word|Sound|Power is definitely one of my tools i keep in my wellness maintenance arsenal. I will be forever grateful that Marie introduced it to me.”

– Kelani Campbell