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Free Teacher Training

Contemplative Practices Teacher Training

N.A.T.U.R.E. Center for Meditation’s no-cost teacher training program provides a comprehensive background and instruction in the various forms of meditation, breathwork and Qigong that will be taught in our community engagement initiatives and in our Meditation Not Incarceration project. This program is intended for those with limited experience or for advanced practitioners and is designed in accordance with state and national standards. You will increase your knowledge of contemplative practices, learn student-centered teaching methods and become familiar with co-learning in non-traditional environments.

Community Engagement Initiative – This project developed through a decade long involvement with the yoga and holistic health industries. These industries neglect people of color and poor rural whites who are, ironically, the very people who need healing and training the most. Wellness is a right, but is viewed (and marketed) as a luxury. Studies have shown that people from marginalized communities in the United States who regularly experience discrimination are much more stressed than the majority population. And it is the kind of stress that has long-lasting physical and mental effects. Meditating regularly alleviates most psychosomatic symptoms that result from from stress such as migraines, back pain, anxiety, depression, constipation, weight gain and much, much more.

Meditation Not Incarceration Project – Imprisonment, probation and parole create a caste of individuals who are systematically deprived of rights and left with profoundly unequal opportunities. Treatments involving the teaching of meditation and other contemplative practices have been developed for a variety of physical and mental disorders, including drug and alcohol addiction- which is a problem that over 50% of inmates struggle with. Research shows that evidence-based meditation programs may be designed to make a substantial impact on incarceration; as well as lower the recidivism rate.
 Inmates who successful complete the training program will not only be certified as instructors, but will receive help in developing their own wellness practice upon release.

This 1 year intensive program will be offered online in April. In-person classes in Chicago, Il begin in June. The program is offered at no cost to those selected to participate. Courses will total 550 hours and will focus on the following areas:

  • Systems and Practice – 360 Hours
  • Andragogy and Methodology – 60 Hours
  • Physiology – 40 Hours
  • Trauma Sensitivity and Cultural Competency – 30 Hours
  • Therapeutic Assistance in Spiritual Emergencies/Transpersonal Crisis – 30 Hours
  • Workshop – 30 Hours

Participants receive:

  • Primary instruction in meditation, pranayama and Qigong techniques
  • Trauma-sensitive teacher training which centers on co-learning
  • Training Manual, Books and Materials

For consideration, reply with a onepage essay stating why you would like to be admitted to this program to:

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