Contemplative Practice Training

At the Nature Center, our mission is transforming trauma to realize the highest potential of humanity with evidence-based contemplative practices. Transforming trauma can take place while in a meditative state of awareness. We strive to impress upon our practitioners that the methods we use in the sciences of Qigong (TCM) and Yoga (Ayurveda) are not actually ‘meditation’ in and of themselves. Meditation is a state that can be visited by engaging in these methods. It exists in-between the states of consciousness and unconsciousness. Meditation is a desired state to reach because it is within this state that healing of the mind-body complex takes place, all the way down to the atomic level.

Throughout decades of practice and experimentation with various techniques in these disciplines, we have found that results are best when a rigid structure is not adhered to. Each practitioner has their own unique challenges. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ practice that will help one reach their highest form of development. With this being understood, we find it necessary to give each potential student an assessment so that together, we can design a contemplative practice program that aligns with their personal goals and preferred outcomes.

While it is true that each individual is unique, there are some constants in regards to emotional obstacles that we collectively face on our journey. Two of the biggest hurdles humanity faces in transforming our traumas are self-forgiveness and self-compassion. Without the ability to forgive yourself, or show yourself compassion – there can be no self-love. Thus, in our trainings we place an emphasis on methods that foster compassion and forgiveness of the Self.

Within the multi-disciplinary field of Contemplative Practice Training, we teach an exhaustive amount of ways to relax the body, as well as methods to enhance concentration and focus. This is vitally important because Relaxation is the state that must be visited prior to the desired destination of Meditation. There is no shortcut with this step – the body must be relaxed, and the mind must be in a place of detached concentration in order for Meditation to be reached.

In the state of meditation, we find understanding, insight and resolution. This is how the healing begins.

If you are interested in exploring what your highest human potential looks like, book a free 30 minute assessment using the calendar below.