Teen Meditation Series: Fall, Spring and Summer

Program Description:
Classes will include movement, community building games, meditation instruction and council — a practice of witnessing the group’s collective wisdom. The final class will include a potluck celebration and a half-day of practice among the trees on NATURE Center land and a dinner celebration. 

Middle School Meditation Series: Fall, Spring and Summer

Program Description:
All tweens in middle school are welcome.
Learn meditation, relax deeply, speak your truth and develop your mind — all while hanging out with other great people your age. Through the practices of mindfulness and Insight Meditation, we take the time to reconnect with ourselves in order to experience more peace, wisdom and compassion.

Classes will include movement, community-building games, meditation instruction and council, a practice of witnessing and contributing to the group’s collective wisdom. The final class will include a dinner celebration. 

Fall Family Day

Program Description:

Family Days are a wonderful opportunity to spend the day connecting with your children, yourself, and a community of supportive peers. Come play, share, learn, and open your heart!

Morning Family Practice Period:

We start our morning with a program for everyone, weaving the theme of the day into songs, skits and family activities.

Afternoon Youth Program:
During the second half of the day, youth ages 4-14 will attend age- appropriate groups with our experienced NATURE Center mindfulness leaders. They will play, make art, sing songs, and practice mindfulness together.

Family Retreat – 4 nights

Program Description:

This retreat will include family activities, young people’s groups, a parent program and free time. Activities include songs, stories, skits, games, art, time on the land, a campfire, council practice, parent discussions, meditation for all and dharma talks. The Family Retreat is a true retreat experience that brings us face-to-face with our own experience and may bring up deep emotions.

Afternoon Parents’ Program:

Parents of children ages 4 and older will have an opportunity to meditate, hear a talk related to parenting as practice, and connect with one another through group discussions.