NATURE Center for Meditation, Wellness & Ethnobotany is a refuge from everyday life where it’s truly possible to quiet the mind, soften the heart and see life in a new way. People visit a meditation retreat for many reasons, but they all amount to essentially the same thing — wanting a more harmonious relationship with life. The spaciousness and stillness of NATURE Center, along with the culturally competent teachers, staff and volunteers, will create a supportive environment for turning inward and letting go of the struggles that get in the way of experiencing the freedom and joy that are inherent in every moment of life.

NATURE Center will offer a breadth of programs in a variety of formats to fit anyone’s schedule, needs and meditation experience — from two-hour, drop-in classes and daylong events to silent residential retreats lasting from one to three days and advanced practitioner programs spanning a year or more. We also offer classes online. With some exceptions, all programs are suitable for beginners and experienced students alike. To find out more about the different programs we offer, visit the Programs section of this website.

Whatever your starting point is, we hope to see you at NATURE. We invite you to see for yourself how these practices and teachings can lead to greater contentment and peace of mind.